NEW IN: ASOS Boxy Lock Bag





Find it here. I absolutely love my new bag! It's definitely a new favourite and since I never had the money to buy the Mulberry Lily bag in a similar colour last year this is the closest I'll get for now. I had the most amazing dinner at Sara's lagt night, cod with broccoli puree and vegetables. We saw two films, The uninvited and Warrior. The Uninvited was an okay horror movie, but kind of lame. Warrior had a really good to story to is so I recommend everyone to see it.


Today I've just been cleaning my studio room. Hoovering up, washing the bathroom, kitchen and doing some laundry. It's frustrating how much dust there is in such a small space, but it's impossible to keep it dust-free no matter how much I clean. Now I have to go the shop to buy some cans of coke and dinner. Later on I should be reading my research material, but I keep postponing it so we'll se what happens. I'm quite gutted because I was supposed to meet with one of the models for my Major Project for a test shoot today, but she never showed up so I almost feel like I was left by the altar.


Your arms around me felt like home. I feel homesick



As I wrote in my previous post I was acting in a film all day yesterday. I think it took about 5 hours of filming before we were done, even though it was just a 2 min film, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the result. After filming Kristina and I had our traditional taco night and just relaxed for the rest of the evening. I didn't go to bed until because I got caught up with a blog design on so today I've been feeling very tired.


Kristina and I had some errands to run today so we've been at Ikea, Staples and Debenhams. Since I melted my cutting board on my cooking plate before I went home for Christmas I had to buy a new one today and also needed a magazine shelf for all my paperwork. Now I'm heading over to Sara's for dinner and a girlsnight. Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.





Woho.. I'm online! On friday I travelled to London to attend my boyfriend's surprise party. I wish you all could have seen the look on his face when he finally realized everyone in the pub was screaming "Happy Birthday" and it was meant for him. I had a great weekend in London, came back to Southampton yesterday and found out the internet wasn't working in my building. I should have understood it was going to be one of those days because I also booked my bus ticket for the wrong day. Anyway.. the only thing you can do on a bad day is to try and make the best of it so Kristina and I decided to go to Pret a Manger for a couple of hours and went for pizza at Bella Italia after. Since I obviously was out of luck I managed to lose my visa card on my way back home which was just the grand finale.


Today I figured it was about time I did some major food shopping and had to buy some cleaning products strong enough to scrub the melted plastic of my cooking plate. After my fingers felt like they were about to fall off and the cooking plate looked okay I sat down and tried to plan where to start cleaning my room. Now my internet is back on so I'm going to watch the newest episode from "The Carrie Diaries", make some dinner and socialize with myself for the rest of the evening. Oh yes.. I'm having a blast here in Southampton!